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Why your link building is not working? Top 5 reasons

Link Building is an effective SEO method. The amount of links still has a strong association with high organic ranks. As a result, any SEO plan would be incomplete without link development.

Google, in particular, has made link creation much more difficult. This complicates link-building campaigns significantly. It takes time and patience to perform and demands careful preparation. An SEO company in Dubai helps your business create effective link-building strategies.

It may be irritating to run a link-building campaign for months and see no growth in your website\’s traffic or rankings. Following are some main reasons why link building may not work for your website.

1. Your Links are from Irrelevant Websites

Relevance, like content, is essential for every link-building campaign. If your website’s focus is commercial and finance, getting connections from a medical website makes little sense for search results. Link relevance is as crucial as link quality; these are important ranking criteria for links.

If guest posting is one of your techniques, make a plan before you start contacting random webmasters. Make a list of sites in your industry that are not direct rivals to whom you may provide valuable content.

2. Content Quality

Content quality may impact your campaign in various ways, including how strong your link will be, which sites will accept you, and whether your link will remain in place or be taken down. Quality content is crucial for many SEO factors; therefore, producing good work will undoubtedly ensure that your link-building plan will be effective.

There are hundreds of factors and considerations related to content quality. Still, the content’s depth, conciseness, and relevance are some of the most significant in terms of your link-building campaign.

3. Diversity

A lack of variety in your link-building strategy may also be responsible for your link-development techniques’ failure. You must rely on various sources and strategies throughout your campaign to attain the best outcomes. A diversity display makes your links appear more authentic and exposes you to a larger audience, enabling you to receive higher returns on page authority and referral visitors.

4. Competition

Even if your link-building strategy is excellent, there’s a possibility you’ll experience lower returns on your investment if there’s a lot of competition. Suppose a competitor is developing the same links you are (or better ones). In that case, they may compete with your rankings, making it practically hard for you to advance and maintain your organic traffic.

5. Lost Backlinks

Backlinks can be lost for a variety of reasons. The website may have been permanently closed, the page has been erased, or the webmaster has chosen to eliminate your links from a page. Use software or take help from an SEO company in Dubai to check for lost backlinks from reports. The Lost Backlinks report specifically shows what page was linked before.

Final word:

One must be patient to see the benefits of your SEO link development. This is especially true for new websites. If you still need help getting your link-building strategy in shape, you might need some help. Contact an SEO company in Dubai to create an effective link-building strategy.