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Understand EAT concept and its Importance as an SEO factor

Since 2018, EAT has become an important SEO factor in SERP ranking. In 2015, Google rolled out guidelines for Search Quality Evaluators that differentiate between low and high-quality websites. The company created a document that outlined the elements that SEO professionals can use to monitor and evaluate websites that can make it to the top of Google’s ranking. This included three key elements; EAT, beneficial purpose, and YMYL Today. The professional SEO company Dubai completely understands these factors and considers them while optimizing your websites. In this piece, we’ll focus on the EAT.

Understand the term EAT

EAT is an abbreviation of ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These aspects are vital aspects of Google search queries. For instance, you are searching for motorbikes and want to see which models you can find in the market. This is a generalized thing, and you can find details of all types of motorcycles when you do this search on Google.

But if you want to search for a specific type of motorbike, like a specific model of Yamaha heavy bike, then you need correct and authentic information about it. This is where Google comes into play. It’ll thoroughly check the content accuracy and relevancy against this particular search query and won’t allow the appearance of untrustworthy content or website. So Google looks for websites or content that shows expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

How is EAT concept significant for SEO?

When you ask any user what kind of content or website you want, the answer is highly likely to be that it should have unique content and design. It should be authoritative, informative, trustworthy, and creative. This is also how Google analyzes websites and their content and impacts your website’s rankings.

You need to prove through the quality of your website and content that users and Google can trust you. This can be achieved by generating well-researched, referenced, and original content. It proves that your website and the information you provide are authentic and trustworthy. For the website, add SSL certification, create a professional and concise About Us page, add images, testimonials, and other relevant information, and use HTTPS hosting.

If you want more and more people to visit your website, engage with your content, and achieve better ranking in SERPs, follow EAT approach to develop your content. For this, you should consider hiring an expert SEO company in Dubai to ensure that you can generate high-quality, authoritative, engaging, and unique content and experience for the users. This count towards your SEO, and you\’ll see its benefits.

Wrapping Up

If you are not following EAT, your SEO is bound to suffer. You need to work on showing your legitimacy, expertise, and value to rank higher in search engine rankings. Quality, authoritativeness, and authenticity of your content matter the most in your website’s SEO. Hiring an expert SEO company in Dubai is the best option to adhere your content to the SEO guidelines and rules and ensure you follow EAT.