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Top Web Design Tips To Build Your Brand Identity

If you’re in business, you must be creating your own brand identity. It’s essential, otherwise, you’ll end up out of your business.

You may not have thought about the fact how the website you have could be an integral part to the website design dubai of your brand’s identity. It will be helpful when you can find the answers to these questions:

  • Are visitors on your site able to be able to discern your products in just a few seconds after they have landed on your site?
  • Does the user interface of your site easy to use?
  • Are you able to find the price of the item or service clearly listed?
  • Is the bounce rate on your site’s bounce rate excessive?

The answers to these questions will aid in determining the effectiveness of your website. If the answer to one of these questions is no, then you should consider it a serious issue. This is a sign that you must now improve and revamp your site.

A well-designed website is sure to attract new customers who could serve as leads. You can then keep them in touch to convert these leads into clients. You should also try to keep yourself up to date on the latest Web design trends, as this can help you stand out from the crowd.

A professional website design is essential for building a brand. No matter what size your company branding is crucial. However, according to latest trends, the majority of people will leave websites that are poorly designed.

So, let’s see how you can revamp your site to help you establish an identity for your brand:

#1. Colors

The colors of your website could have a major impact on branding your company. However, picking the best colors for your site is all about aesthetics and incitement of emotions. When you decide on the color you want to use, look into its effects on the mind of the user to determine if it is the best choice for your site.

It is also an important point to be aware of. Different cultures interpret color in a different way. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what colours mean to your viewers.

It is essential to have a beautiful marketing agency dubai for your company since the majority of visitors will leave your site if they see it ugly.

#2. Fonts

Fonts are a crucial aspect to take into consideration when designing your website. In the beginning, you must identify the type of fonts that you will use, including larger and lighter fonts.

It is important to keep your mind in the event that a specific font conveys emotions for the person who is not aware of it.

Another time, features such as serifs, font weight, font-weight and font width, rounding etc. are used in conjunction to produce small, but visible variations.

For instance, a complex script font will create a text that is elegant and sophisticated. A condensed and massive font on the site makes the message appear urgent and abrasive.


A well-designed website can create a successful brand. You must incorporate such features on your website that will make it memorable for your visitors.

Make sure you maintain consistency across your website design to reinforce your brand’s image and draw emotions from your visitors.

So, don’t fail to keep the same colours or typography across your website. This will allow your website establish an overall image.

#4. Functionality

It is important to determine what kind of features will work for your site. Should it be user-friendly and conventional or should you incorporate interactive elements into it to draw your customers in more. Your website’s functionality can reveal to visitors about whether or not your company is successful, exciting and innovating.

For instance, your site could include a top menu as well as dropdowns to assist users in navigating through the site and switch between pages.

#5. Mobile Optimization

We live living in a world that is dominated by mobiles. The majority of users browse websites via their smartphones. This leaves you with only one option to make your site mobile-friendly. This is an innovative and ever-changing method of development that allows flexibility to your website regardless of the device it is running on. That is that a responsive mobile website can be viewed optimally for mobile devices.

Additionally, a responsive mobile site is also beneficial for search engine optimization. Nowadays, most people like websites that load quickly for mobile phones.

Because you don’t know what device your visitors will be using to browse your website, it is essential to create a mobile-friendly website to ensure that those who visit your website from desktops or mobile devices will experience an enjoyable user experience.

#6. Voice

While functional and visual elements are essential to your site, you must not subvert the information or message you wish to communicate to your intended audience.

Keep in mind that people will notice an obvious difference between your website and your brand’s voice is not in line with your website.

Consider the general tone, mood and message you wish to convey in order to align your voice to your website.

#7. Personality

The identity of your brand is in the way you talk about it rather than the words you use. You can employ different sets of words. You can communicate your message using a variety of attractive ways.

The brand’s style, image, and even the voice could appear to be similar but if the social media marketing dubai personality isn’t in line with it, it could leave negative impressions on customers.

You must improve the appearance and image of the brand. It is important to think about an appropriate tone. The way you structure your message should be with a positive, warm and welcoming manner. It is best not to use any language or words which could be offensive or turn prospective customers off.

#8. Value Proposition

If a user visits your site, a few unintentional questions may pop up in his head like:

  • Is this the right website I’ve landed on?
  • Does it look attractive and exciting?
  • What do these businesses have to offer?

It is essential to ensure that your site can answer these questions in order to give an enlightening value proposition for your customers.


The design of your website has a significant impact on creating your brand’s image. So, we think this article can help you create a website that will enhance your brand’s personality and establish your brand’s identity.