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Top Reasons Why Your Search Engine Ranking Drops Suddenly

Clearly, you want to see your web pages rank higher in the SERP ranking, and you are putting in efforts to sustain it. But suddenly, it starts dropping. It’s your bad dream come true, and you definitely don’t want it to happen. Before fixing the drop in your website ranking, you need to find out the issue causing it with the help of a professional SEO company in Dubai. Here are some common reasons that might be causing the drop in your SERP ranking.

1.     Check the Tracking code of your website

At times, your website’s SERP ranking drops due to inaccuracies in data that might occur in the tracking code of your website. This generally happens as changes are made in the analytical plugins or website code. So before you inspect anything else, it’s better that you check your website’s tracking code. Your SEO company in Dubai must be familiar with this problem and can perform this action as the first step in the identification of the issue.

2.     Check your website has not been penalized

Although this rarely happens if you have hired a professional SEO company in Dubai for your website optimization, it’s better to check it. The reason is that Google’s algorithm keeps evolving, so you have to keep track of the changes that occur from time to time. Sometimes your website might get penalized for the same practice, and at others, it’s not. So it’s important to check this issue using the latest tools and techniques and resolve it if any.

3.     Website redesigning or migration

If you have recently migrated or redesigned your website on some latest platforms, you may see a drop in your ranking in SERPs. It can be due to de-optimization or broken links. Some other related issues that can occur include loss of internal links, service interruptions, slow website loading speed, architectural changes, broken external and internal links, etc. You should communicate with your website developer and fix these issues.

4.     The quality of your content has dropped

As you know, Google gives significant importance to quality content. As long as you post high-quality and valuable informative content on your website, search engines rank you better in SERPs. So when your ranking drops, you also need to re-evaluate the quality of your content. Google appreciates long-form content of at least 1500 words or longer. Lengthy blog post receives more backlinks, increase conversions, and sells better than short copy. Remember to prioritize quality over quantity. Therefore, you need to focus on creating quality content consistently. An experienced SEO company in Dubai can provide content creation services so that you get a steady flow of fresh and well-researched content for your website. Generate quality content with authority links in perfect English without mistakes.

Above mentioned are some of the top reasons that can contribute to the drop in the SERP rankings of your website. However, there can be several other elements that might be contributing to your drop in ranking. So the best way to deal with them is to take the services of an expert SEO company in Dubai.