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Top Guide to Complete Web Development Life Cycle In Dubai 2022

Web development company in Dubai are not limited to requiring the creation and development of a website. It is a comprehensive process that involves an entire life cycle. This life cycle requires your business’s involvement to ensure the success of your website’s development.

If you’re a business owner who wants to develop websites for your business understanding the entire web development process is essential. It will give you an idea of how the web development firm will conduct the process of developing a website.

The article provides an outline of the full web development process that explains the various aspects of the website development process. With this article, you will be able to comprehend the entire procedure of your web development job and be prepared to participate in the process.

Many phases throughout the development lifecycle of Web development

Research and Analysis

The initial and most important step in the life cycle is to study and analyze. This is the step that will determine where the next stages will unfold. In this stage, the web design company will look at your business, the target market, and the viability of your feature requirements.

A good amount of analysis and research will assist your developer to create the best plan for the development of your website. Additionally, you can provide crucial information and insights to create an excellent website and web application.

Planning and Wireframing

All the data gathered during the previous step helps to create an efficient plan for creating and implementing the website. Your web development partner takes crucial decisions during this phase including choosing the right tech stack making a sitemap, making a layout plan, and wireframing.

Of all the tasks Wireframe and sitemap, creation are among the most crucial tasks. Sitemaps can help you design the structure of your website. Wireframes assist in defining the relationships between the various pages on your site. Many free and premium tools can help you design these two elements quickly.


When you have wireframes and sitemaps in place The next step is the design of your website. Web designers manage the job and develop stunning and appealing user interfaces while taking responsibility for the seamless user experience on your website.

The web design company Dubai will bring the rough design of your website to life by creating unique logos, layouts and animations, typography, and colour combinations. The research on the target audience completed in the first phase is crucial in the web’s sound and style.

Content Creation

The innovative designs and sophisticated features don’t attract your prospective customers if aren\’t communicating effectively with them. This is the area where content marketing can assist you. Quality content can ensure that your business\’s goals and brand values for your clients.

In the stage of content creation of the web development cycle In the content creation phase, your Web development team will develop captivating texts and copy for your site. With relevant call-to-actions and headlines, and other content your website will have the ability to turn visitors into customers.

Coding and Developing

The next stage of the development process. In this stage, your website’s attractive design is functional and will serve its purpose for your business. The web developer you’ve chosen will program a range of pre-decided options and functions.

There’s a possibility of things getting wrong during this stage as inexperienced developers could cause more problems. This is the reason why you must choose a developer following a careful evaluation. This guide on finding the best web development firm will assist you.

Testing and Quality Assurance

While testing is conducted with development along with coding and development, the testing must be done in a separate manner after having completed the coding part of the web development process. A thorough testing process removes all bugs and technical defects from your website.

The company you’ve chosen to work with will employ an internal or remotely-based team of QA testers to test your website. They will use different tools and testing techniques to help strengthen your website in the face of possible issues.

Deployment & Maintenance

If the QA team has given a thumbs-up, your site is now ready to be deployed on the server and begin serving your company. The web development company will host your site on their server, by using File Transfer Protocol. However, your web development isn’t over.

Instead, it goes into an ongoing maintenance phase. The site will begin serving your company on the Internet from this point on. However, it will require proper maintenance and attention every now and then. The company that develops websites usually provides free assistance to manage websites that are on the internet. However, if the company you choose to use doesn’t offer this extensive support program, you may hire dedicated SEO services Dubai anytime you require.


Your participation in the process of developing websites is crucial as an owner of a business. You must therefore know the basics of the life process. That’s why we’ve put together this post to inform you of the different phases and aspects of web-based development.