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Top 5 Reasons Your Clients Might Leave Your SEO Company

As an SEO company, your success depends on the rate of client retention. However, there is always a threat that clients leave your company irrespective of how well you are performing. At times, it starts slowly, and sometimes it suddenly happens out of the blue. Either way, it can hurt your business. So your SEO company has to put in lots of effort and time to retain your clients and keep them happy. Here are the top reasons why your clients might leave your SEO agency so you can proactively work to prevent them from occurring.

1.     Unmet expectations or promises

The first and most common motivation of clients behind leaving your company is unmet expectations or promises. For instance, your agency is not able to deliver what you have claimed to achieve in a given time frame or the results of the SEO campaign were not what the client expected. However, mostly this situation occurs when it repeatedly happens before reaching the breaking point. The best way to deal with this is to set realistic and practical expectations so that your clients feel satisfied with the results.

2.     Vision and goals are not aligned

Your business with your clients works just like your personal relationships. Your SEO company has a certain vision, goals, way of working, execution strategy, and perspective about the client’s business. All this may not necessarily align with your client’s idea or vision. So you need to see things from the client’s perspective, not yours. Discuss with the client and set similar goals so that you both are on the same page.

3.     Unable to provide proof of results

Your SEO company’s success depends on the results you deliver. Your clients pay you to see measurable results with positive ROI. If your clients aren’t making more money than they are paying you, they will likely leave you after some time. Therefore, to retain clients, you need to show your performance in a meaningful and objective way. Multiple tools are available online that help you generate reports of your SEO work, and you can use them to report to your client.

4.     Communication gap

Communication gap or lack is a problem in relationships, and your clients are no exception. If there is a lack or gap in your SEO company with the client, it can cause significant harm to your relationship. You need to develop seamless, frequent, proactive, and effective communications with your clients so that they stay satisfied with your company.

5.     Doubt in your expertise

No client wants to work with any SEO company that doesn’t show expertise in their niche. If they find you unknowledgeable about the latest market trends and techniques or if you aren’t working in the way you should be to improve your client’s campaigns and deliver results, your client is highly likely to end a contract with your agency. To avoid this, you must stay updated with the latest SEO developments, give clients suggestions to improve things, and bolster your company’s reputation.