SEO in Dubai

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a SEO Agency in Dubai

Finding an SEO Agency in Dubai can be an extremely challenging task. The worst part is that so much can be reliant on your selection of which company you choose. Irrespective of the industry in which your company belongs, you require a strong brand presence on digital and social media platforms in order to maximize your potential success. Here are 5 key considerations to make sure that you find the right SEO Agency for your brand in Dubai.

  1. Legal Compliance

A metropolis with booming economic activity, Dubai is no stranger to all kinds of B2B activities. As such, Dubai has laws and regulations which must be followed by each SEO Agency. Most SEO Agencies are already in compliance, but it is still necessary to inquire regarding the tax deductibles and other state-mandated regulations that agencies must abide by. Most importantly, remain cognizant for the sake of your brand because the brands with which you associate define a portion of your public perception.

  1. SEO Performance

It would be a shame if an SEO Agency’s website fails to perform well on an SEO performance test. This is why it is essential to check on different SEO testing services to understand the search engine optimization the SEO Agency performs. It is very likely that their own website’s performance will be indicative of their SEO capabilities. Paid SEO performance testing platforms are extremely accurate but obviously, many considerations must be made when allocating budgets for any paid online services. Free services can be used to achieve the same although with less accuracy or potentially pay-walled aspects of the SEO performance report.

  1. Value Additions

Most companies try offering certain services for free as part of a customer acquisition strategy. Find the perfect match for your brand by looking for different free or discounted services as part of a package. For example, if an SEO Agency offers free search engine-optimized blogs and your brand’s target audience reads blogs, it would be a perfect match since you would maximize the mileage received from your business decision. Some agencies even go as far as to offer free audits to bring leads toward the end of their business funnel. Take advantage of this even if you do not wish to pursue a partnership with that specific agency in the near future.

  1. Client Reviews

One way of understanding the performance of an SEO Agency is to simply check what their past clients have to say. As search engine optimization is oftentimes an ongoing process, long-term clients may offer a significant level of insight into the specifics of how an SEO Agency operates. Make sure to read all available reviews on a website, or at least a reasonable number in order to make an informed decision. Another way is to directly contact past clients of any SEO Agency in Dubai and learn about their interactions, this option will give you information directly from the source.

  1. Optimization Frequency

This key factor to consider may only be disclosed by an SEO Agency when in direct conversations to finalize an agreement with them. In SEO, optimization frequency is a term used to describe how often the SEO Agency will be ‘optimizing’ your website. As search engine ranking is a dynamic variable and Google is perpetually making adjustments to the algorithm, it is essential to select an SEO Agency offering a quicker frequency of optimization, preferably every 4-6 months. This ensures that your website’s search engine ranking remains consistently high, as opposed to a one-time optimization which would only yield temporary benefits.


An agency’s own SEO performance, legal compliance, value additions, client reviews, and optimization frequency are all essential considerations to make when choosing an SEO Agency in Dubai. Have as many conversations with potential agencies as possible in order to make the best possible decision. Remember to stay patient when making this decision because it influences the long-term performance and digital presence of your webpage or brand! A website that ranks well is likely to perform exceptionally well, especially in industries such as digital marketing, content creation, and E-Commerce. Find the SEO Agency which fits right and behold as your website or brand begins generating significantly much more traffic.