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5 Best Guest Posting Practices to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Guest posting is one of the proven and still effective SEO practices that help your website rank well in search engine rankings. You need to present your brand and its information to the audience on a platform. Either you can own that platform or someone else. Guest posting or guest blogging is posting your posts or articles on the website of someone else, and SEO company Dubai can help you with this task. It is a powerful way to boost your search engine rankings, establish your brand’s reputation and attract more organic traffic to your website.

Guest posting benefits

There are several benefits of guest posting that you can easily harness by collaborating with an SEO company in Dubai. A few of these include the following:

  • Boosts the ROI of your content while driving traffic toward your site
  • Helps in generating trust and building your brand’s reputation
  • Helps to extend your knowledge boundary and expertise to new audiences
  • Increases SEO ranking as your website builds authority

Best practices for guest posting

  • Do plenty of in-depth research

The first and decisive step you should take before being involved in guest posting is to do in-depth research about the host sites. You need to research the sites that cover your domain, the kind of content they accept, their rules and style of content, etc. This will enable you to craft the piece of content precisely according to their requirements and save you time and effort. If you don’t have time for this, you better hire SEO company Dubai for it.

  • Check the domain authority of selected sites

After you have selected the sites for guest posting, you should check their domain authority. You can use various tools and techniques to check these sites’ domain authority, which is crucial because it helps boost your website’s domain authority.

  • Do keyword research

Along with researching the host sites, you also need to do keyword research. You need it for SERP rankings, as using the right keywords in your guest post will attract your target audience and search engines. Hiring an SEO company in Dubai will make the job easy if you find it challenging.

  • Create a compelling headline for your guest post

When your headline hooks your readers, you have nearly half won the battle. Create a compelling headline for your guest post, instantly attracting readers’ attention, and they read the rest of your post. You should make it clear, concise, and crisp so that readers know what they’ll be reading. Try to touch the emotions of your readers by using emotional words like excited, curious to read, will amaze you, etc.

  • Link according to your host’s rules

After you create the headline and your post, you need to place the link to your own website. You cannot just do it randomly, and you should follow the rules your host website provides so that you can take maximum benefit from this practice. Otherwise, you may end up offending the host website and Google. By taking the services of a professional SEO company in Dubai, you can make this practice meticulous.